We are currently witnessing a historic pandemic that is expected to have long term global, health, economic, political, and social effects that are difficult to predict at the moment.

Resolving this issue requires time and cooperation between countries to share research and medicinal discoveries. This also calls for the people’s cooperation to assist in slowing down the spread of the virus to ease the burden on the healthcare facilities and healthcare providers.

Moreover, it is known that our honorable religion encouraged proper hygiene and taking precautions to avoid harm while relying on the Creator, the One who creates and destines everything. Therefore, we ask the people to:

  • Follow recommended healthcare precautions
  • Avoid giving medical advice if it’s not your area of expertise
  • Avoid panic purchases of non-essential items
  • Be frugal and follow the Sunnah
  • Assist and care for your sick relatives, neighbors and friends, while observing the recommended precautions

Muslims believe that the Creator created a cure for every sickness and that there must be a cure for this disease that is yet to be discovered by the scientists. We hope that researchers will soon identify a cure and a vaccine and that these tools will be made widely available to the public.

To assist the government in fighting this pandemic, AMITY announces a cancellation to all communal activities and services that are not religiously obligatory. We continue to perform the Friday prayer at our centers while establishing strict social distancing and sanitizing guidelines. AMITY will continue to follow the CDC health recommendations and state law requirements across all U.S. branches.

AMITY requests from all its members and followers to participate in voluntary home quarantine and to avoid leaving the house for non-essential trips. AMITY encourages the Muslim community to adhere to the religion and to find comfort in performing acts of obedience at home.

We ask God to have mercy on us, to lift this calamity, and to protect us from any harm.

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