As-salaamu ^Alaykum,

As many of you know, the recent explosion in Lebanon was one of the most devastating blasts to occur in a city since World War 2. The resulting devastation that this has had in that city is heartbreaking to see.

The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects is always known to be at the forefront helping the deserving people who are in dire need of support. Via our charity, we will extend a helping hand to an established trustworthy charity in Beirut, Lebanon to support its critical need of funds to survive the ongoing catastrophes that the country and people have been facing. As an Islamic charity, we seek and ensure proper distribution of funds to the benefits of Muslims and sustainability of urgently needed charitable projects.  

We encourage everyone receiving this to donate as much as they possibly can to aid in the recovery effort. We ask Allah subhanahu wa ta^ala to assist all Muslims around the entire world who are suffering from these types of calamities and injustices.

AMITY Board of Directors

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