Masjid Omar is a religious place of worship providing the local community and its visitors a mosque for praying the five (5) daily congregational prayers (the Dawn, Noon, Mid-Afternoon, Sunset, and Nightfall prayers), its accompanying recommended optional prayers, the weekly Friday Speech and Friday Congregational Prayer, evening Islamic lessons, a Saturday Islamic School for children, the two Eid Prayers, Ramadan Night Prayers, and our annual Ramadan dinner.
Named after a great leader who served the Muslim nation honorably, Masjid Omar is the center of performing prayer and learning the Obligatory Islamic Knowledge. All services of Masjid Omar are overseen and managed by Shaykh Saif Al Dine Al Hajj, who holds numerous degrees in Islamic Studies, the Arabic Language, and the Interpretation of the Holy Qur’an.

Islamic lessons are offered daily to the community from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Topics range from Islamic Creed, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic History, Biographies of Important Muslims, Qur’an Recitation, Preaching, Remembering God and His Prophet, and more.

Islamic Saturday School for children is held Saturday mornings to teach youth of all ages the Islamic Creed, Jurisprudence, Qur’anic Recitation, and Islamic History.

During the entire month of Ramadan, daily lessons are given during the ^Asr time, Muslims gather for the nightly Tarawih prayers, and fast breaking dinners are offered at sunset. The two Eid prayers are observed annually and Zakah is collected and distributed to the deserving recipients as prescribed by the religious rules.

We warmly invite you to visit Masjid Omar and share with us in the great reward of advancing the religion of all the Prophets, peace be upon them all.